Choral Music a la Carte

Here’s a new concept (I think): the audience at a choral concert chooses the programme. Intrigued?

Sheffield Chamber Choir is trying this out in Edale on Sunday 3rd July at 3pm. Now, the audience won’t be able to suggest any old thing for us to sing – we are providing a menu, neatly divided into courses, and they will choose several items from each course to provide a balanced meal.

There is an “amuse bouche” selected by the choir, and then the music for the Appetiser, Starter and Main Course are drawn from the Early Renaissance, Classical and Romantic, and Late 19th / 20th Century periods respectively. For dessert there is a selection of arrangements of Popular Classics.

Entry to the concert is free (there will be a retiring collection in aid of the Church Roof Fund, and the concert will be followed by tea and cakes.

Further details, and the full menu can be seen hereSCC Edale Poster a4


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