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Not the Eurovision

The Sterndale Singers innovative concert this Saturday, 16th May is an original alternative to the Eurovision Song Contest with music from 20 of the Countries which compete in Eurovision, presenting our own version of the competition. The programme, which as you will imagine is a real smorgasbord of musical delights – as varied a programme as you could wish to imagine – includes genres as varied as Renaissance polyphony from Italy and Spain, Folk Songs from all sorts of obscure places, exciting arrangements of texts by Shakespeare by a variety of composers, and, to use a slightly hackneyed phrase, in this plethora of musical styles, there really should be something for everyone. In addition there is the added excitement of watching and listening to the choir get to grips with at least nine different languages. “Why not twenty different languages?” we hear you cry. “that would really be fun!”. Fortunately many of our European composers write in English or Latin.

As well as supping on wine, cocktails or soft drinks, whilst listening to the music, audience members will be given the chance to vote for their favourite numbers during the evening – so if you have always wanted to shout “nul points” this will be your chance.

Here is a preview from Classical Sheffield


Further information is available from the choir’s website and on their facebook page and tickets can be ordered in advance through these.


Songs of Lust, Love and Heartbreak THIS FRIDAY

Crimes Against Taste return to Sheffield for one night only with our hilarious show “Songs of Lust, Love and Heartbreak” this Friday 2nd May at the S1 Arts Space, easily accessible, near Devonshire Green (120 Trafalgar Road, S1 4JT). 

Tickets are £10 in advance available from http://www.wegottickets.com/CrimesAgainstTaste or £12 on the door (£5 or £6 for Students)

Watch the trailer here